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The One & ONLY ONE Habit Of An Ace Leader

Leadership has been described and over-described. But most of these descriptions are simplistic, functional and not necessary attributes. Actually, there is one and only one single habit or trait which defines an ace leader. If you understand it and constantly utilise it, your leadership and influence will come to fruition. So, what is that habit or trait?


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I found the first couple sessions subtle in approach but upon reflection huge on impact. They helped deconstruct my genetic makeup, from prejudices to understanding what it means to lead. Not one known to lack confidence but it struck me how I was not really seizing the mandate and understanding how to address this. Now understanding the concept of focusing on value and being in delivery mode  is empowering me more and allowing me not to shy away from getting the resources/buy in I need to deliver the ‘gift’.


Fraaz Ahmed

Director / Lebara Mobile

What you showed me in leadership (coaching session) last week I have already used twice this week with my senior account managers – with amazing results.


Hatim Dungarwalla

Managing Director / Thierry's Wine Services (UK)

The sessions took me beyond what is mere “effective corporate communication”. It has propelled me to leave all our pre-occupations, prejudices and biases behind when dealing with people or situations. I have now been able to better understand and appreciate other person’s view point putting forth my ideas to them at the same time. Thus, the sessions have actually been helpful and will add value forever!


Aashish Jain

Manager - Taxation / Pitney Bowes (India)

Outcome Driven Training

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Training that does not generate any business outcomes should never be done at all. It should be immediately applicable and practical.